Flowflex covid -19 antigen home test


Flowflex covid -19 antigen home test

Flowflex covid -19 antigen home test

To an FDA-authorized molecular SARS-CoV-2-test the Flowflex COVID-10 Antigen Home Test. Of the positive 93% specimens and of the negative specimens 100% correct identify the Flowflex COVID-19 Antigen Home. If you want to use it in your house then this will also be available for sale. To use these tests to be a medical professional you do not have to be, from the nasal swabs which rock by detecting SARS-Covid-2 antigens. Within 25 minutes the Flowflex antigen will prove to you the rape tests provide precisely. Within the two or the three days to be used tice these tests are intended, each test with 24 to 48 hours between.

  • Affordable and Easy
  • New Omicron Strain detects
  • MHRA Registered
  • Nasal Only Test
  • 8% Accuracy

How you can use the Flowflex Covid-19 antigen home test:

To sue the Flowflex antigen rapid tests follow the steps outlined below

  1. Firstly you should wash your hand and also disinfect the surface where you will be working. Then from the packaging remove the kit and must read the instructions.
  2. From the extraction buffer, you should be removed the cap and in the tube holder place it upright.
  3. Tone an inch into one nostril and insert the swab.
  4. In the other nostrils, this process repeats on the same swab five times rotate the swab.
  5. For at least, 30 seconds stir the swab, and in the extraction buffer treacle the used swab. Of the tube squeeze the sides over the swab a least five times that of the sample to remove more.
  6. On the tube place the ape back. Then at the 15 to 30 minutes of the cassette read the results window. After 30 minutes do not read.

In the home how do I test my Flowflex Covid antigen?

Of the nostrils 5 times, the inside wall in a circular motion firmly rubs the swab. The specimen to collect takes approximately 15 seconds. On the swab that may be present any nasal drainage is sure to the collet. Using the Same swab in the other nostrils repeat.

Is the test of the Flowflex is approved?

To the United States who are returning from travelers by the CDC, the home antigen test results are accepted. An Emergency Use Authorization-only test that has been received like the Flowflex SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test for this purpose can be used.

Flowflex covid -19 antigen home test

From the Fire flow Covid test can you get a false positive?

That is totally wrong that when you are using the Flow fire you can get the worn results. There are some chances are present to get positive results. The virus to others to stop spreading at home per CDC recommendations if you test positive you should self-isolate at home.

Discuss that if an antigen is positive then what of you know?

An asymptomatic positive antigen test result, by a PCR test, to verify unexpected individuals should be immediately followed by the positive results. Of the original test wishing 24 hours this follow-up specimen should be collected, if possible, and after the antigen test then 48 hours no more, if possible.


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