Creations by Kara home decor recipe craft DIY blog


Creations by Kara home decor recipe craft DIY blog

Creations by Kara home decor recipe craft DIY blog

Kara is a cook, for you do it, crafter, writer, photographer, and also the mastermind behind this website. Even if you are a beginner then you can find simple recipes and projects that can be successfully made. Creations by Kara home decor recipe craft DIY blog

Not your thing cooking? For the Craft or DIY tutorials try any one of her crafts!

When Kara was young she loved cross static and also the embroidery, but where her creativity ended that was. Outside of the kitchen she never considered herself a creative person. She discovers her love for all creative things it wasn’t until she was married. She how to paint, crochet, sew, and as make the home décor she taught. How to use power tools once she discovered this, a whole new world opened up.

About Creations by Kara: Creations by Kara home decor recipe craft DIY blog

In 2006 when she started blogging about the recipes she had so many friends and neighbors asking her to share them she wanted an easy way. About a year later she started her blog and shared craft projects and tutorials.
In country Living her Recipes and project have been featured, in Redbook, Deseret News, Food & Wine, Huffington Post, Food & Wine, Delish, and also many more. In taste of Home books and magazines, she also has many of the recipes published.

Easy Chili Mac Recipe: Creations by Kara home decor recipe craft DIY blog

In one pot all this Chili Mac Recipe is made, and in fewer than 30 minutes ready. Of both macaroni & cheese and chili it has comforting flavors. So with kids and adults, it’s a favorite alike. Of this perfectly spicy so pot meal after just one bit, to be in heaven your family is.

Own to make Chili Mac and Cheese: Creations by Kara home decor recipe craft DIY blog

⦁ Brown Meat-

In a large skillet or pot, with over medium-high heat and onion brown the hamburger. For another minute add garlic and sauté; drain for the data

⦁ Dump

To the pan add all the remaining ingredients. Until well-combined stir


Over medium-high heat to a boil bring the mixture, for 13-15 minutes simmer the medium-low then turn the heat down, or until the pasta is tender.

⦁ Cheese

To the mixture add about ½ cup of the cheese and stir till melted. On top of the cheese Sprinkle the rest. With a lid, the pot is covered, and turns heat to low. Until cheese is melted cook for 3-5 minutes. With green, sour cream, or any topping you like Garnish it.

Storing leftovers

For the 4-5 days in the refrigerator, they will keep if you have any leftovers. In an airtight dish, they are well covered so they don’t dry out. For the two in the microwave, we just reheat the leftovers. In my microwave to prevent splatters, I love using a microwave dish cover.

Is this homemade chili mac and cheese can I freeze?

Yes, of freeze and time aged you can prep this dish. Only cook for 5 to 6 minutes after adding the pasta. In the freezer thaw as it sits, the liquid the rest of the pasta will absorb.
Into freezer-safe containers and chill pour the mixture, into the freezer then place. Up to 3 months it will last in the freezer. When it the ready to serve, in the refrigerator let it thaw. To cook, heat it over medium heat until hot and into the pot the thawed mixture dump, to melt the chase then add the cheese and cook as directed.


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