Dancker furniture 


Dancker furniture 

Choices and flexibility to meet your needs today and Beyond

In commercial furniture with complex requirements and trends to keep pace for nearly 200 years, they have successfully grown. With over 400 manufacturers drawing from their partnership, they help to create smart, flexible, and fully functional spaces that maximize engagement and performance. Dancker furniture
From varied furniture solutions as a one-source provider to installation and move-ins planning ad from specification support, they handle everything. In today’s environments, well-being is needed and creativity, collaboration, support productivity Teri furniture solutions.



To optimize real estate, enhance collaboration, and attract and retain top talent businesses today are challenged, support employee well-being, and promote your company culture.


An active learning environment today’s young minds demand. By providing versatile furniture they help create a 21st-century learning experience, architecture, and technology solutions that support all modes of learning also.


In addressing healthcare needs Patients-centered care emphasizes addressing, to effectively delivering care in order of patients’ preferences and values. By connecting people to the healthcare experience you can optimize the belie, places, and technology.


Planning Ideas

If you are looking for the right solutions? Then for your ducker is the best option they will provide the best practices from their entire partner manufacturers in the versatile workspace to help you find. FO office, education, and healthcare application by providing you with thought starters for w work environment they are a resource to help inspire, envision, and plan.

Procurement & Tagamet

Keeping in mind your targeted project deadlines, in the selection and specification, and pricing of furniture they can assist your designer, if requested as well as provide furniture alternates, the project’s established scheduling to best maintain track its shipment and they will place your furniture order.

Delivery & Installation

With their strategic partners through their long-term relationships, within the U.S they can deliver and install your assets anywhere. Throughout the project of the contract as your single point, to deliver filed inspection and thy coordinate. Their professional, trained, and the uniformed team is dedicated to every project to the successful installation.

A Better Word Exercise Delivering

Expectation has changed. To focus now solutions give people better ways, to collaborate ad connect. Of brands from Steelcase, the family expires what’s new.

A sweet Retreat

A distraction-free comfort zone, the Pod Tent- part FO the Steel care Work Tents Collection- from common office distraction is an ideal getaway, providing a comfortable, moment of solitude or for focus items private work environment. The light and air FO flow Pod Talent allows the light, of safety with feeling surrounding you, comfort and privacy,

Now Solution from Steelcase

Inspired by tents, from the workplace design, the office shelter and steel care work tents provide privacy.

Reimagined Retreats

With a world-class designer designed in collaboration, with natural elements protection and to seek shelter in human desire his concept of the Work Tent is rooted. In uncertain outdoor conditions, a haven FO security. And recreational tents provide safety, and the same shelter ND protection, they crave in eh office now Work Tents provide people in the office. The use at the core with the tensile construction, of flexible and captivating privacy solutions to create a range with tent-like sheer textiles airy organic work Tents light.


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