Benefits of Installing Double Locks


Benefits of Installing Double Locks

What is a Double Lock on a Door?

Every one want to know which type of door look you have fitted on your front and back door at home
When we set out our house for rent then tenant will inquire about our back door lock. And front door lock for sack of security purpose .It is very important to know that if doors are properly looked. Then we can say that our house is secured.
We can suggest you what door locks you have on your front & back doors. We will help you in finding out what type of door locks you should have fitted in your home.

Types of locks

5 lever Morice dead lock
Multi Point Locking System
Rim Automatic Deadlatch
Euro Cylinder Lock
we will look at a five-lever mortice deadlock. which is a lock that has very rare chance to make its duplicate key.So we can prefer to this type of lock for proper security of our home.

Front Door Lock & Back Door Lock

A 5 lever deadlock is usually fitted to wooden doors and is locked from both the sides with a key, they areĀ fitted with inside of the door, rather inspite of upper side.
5 lever lock is more secure than the 3 lever lock because the chances of duplication are more than 5 lever lock
Mortice deadlock is without bolt while Mortice Sash lock is opened and closed with latch and bolt, which make it more katch and bolt make the lock more secure.
Commonly Fitted door lock

Types of 5 lever Mortice deadlock doors

External Front door
External Back door
Internal doors

One Lock Cylinder

one lock cylinder is more beneficial, it is very difficult to make its Spare key.

Multi users Properties

When there are more than one users or in case of Flat then it is very important to make it .

Security Comments

Remember if your locking system is not locked properly. Then your property including your whole cash and jewelry is at risk .So we are aware of decoits and robbers .Who are wandering in our streets. And are in search of our security laps. where they find it .At once we suffered loss. So it is very important to make our security system fool proof, so to avoid such incidents
Burglars wander around streets and gardens during the night trying door handles, because they know most people do not lock the doors correctly.

Handle with Key-Lock

Front Door Lock & Back Door Lock
A rim automatic deadlatch is fitted on the inside of your door, with the key locking cylinder to insert your key to open the door located on the outside of the door. It is necessary to note that front door lock must be of strong handle .Some time we use our whole power to open the the door. So if there is strong handle then there is rare chance of break

Cylinder Lock

A cylinder lock is usually fitted to PVC & composite doors and is used with multi-point locking systems.

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